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  • MMMM! Tuna! Ewww…mercury

    My cousin reminded me to be careful of the amount of tuna I eat. I’m aware that there’s mercury in tuna, and that you’re supposed to sort of limit your intake. Great. So how much is enough and how much is too much? Well, I don’t know that kind of thing, so I did what […]

  • Milk conundrum

    So, organic milk is a conundrum for me. It lasts, like, 10 times longer than conventional milk. It’s organic. These are huge positives. It has no chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. The cows that give the milk are fed organically and are also not treated with all that other chemically stuff. I just read that it […]

  • What is this? (I had to look it up)…

    For a while now, I’ve thought about trying a vegetarian diet full-time. It turns out, I don’t really have that kind of dedication. I won’t keep you in suspense. But despite my waffling and weakness, I have made another kind of decision. I’m challenging myself to this experiment. I will avoid eating our land-based (and […]