Middleton Place

This past weekend, I went to a meetup in Charleston, South Carolina. While I was there, I learned a few things about South Carolina, including that they believe that calling a cockroach something else makes it less of a cockroach (it does not), and that the beach had phenomenal shells.

I was only there for a brief time, but I was able to participate in one activity – visiting a historic plantation. The one we chose was Middleton Place, a rice plantation that was the home of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a signer of the Ordinance of Succession (two different people, obvs).

It was an interesting place. A volunteer in period garb explained to us how to cooper a barrel and also about how slavery on a rice plantation was slightly different than cotton or tobacco, in that growing rice is a really difficult skill to cultivate (get it) so the relationship between master and slaver was more complex.

I took some photos, but mostly of flowers and animals.

6 thoughts on “Middleton Place

  1. Our enormous cockroaches are known as Palmetto Bugs, and they have wings. When they mount an escape, they fly directly at your face.


      1. Yes, truly, it is awful. I usually scream, which is not a good idea, what with an enormous winged roach headed in the general direction of your open mouth.


      2. Girlfriend, I would lose my head entirely. And during my brief stay in SC, I was temporarily trapped in a stairway until my colleague Cat could remove the bug.


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