Category: Conundrums

  • Delightful oddity

    Part of my job is to put together a daily worldwide e-newsletter. So a few days before the start of a new month, I create a folder for that month that contains the blank word documents that will become the drafts of the newsletter. They all say the day of the week and date at […]

  • And sometimes Y

    For the past month or so I’ve been increasingly bothered by the sometimes-vowel “Y.” And consequently, I’ve been bothering my husband about it. Specifically, I’ve wondered when is Y considered a vowel, and when is it not? And why? Shouldn’t it always be one or the other or always both? I finally looked it up […]

  • Do Strong Women Have to be Victims to be Likable?

    I don’t have fully formed thoughts around this yet. But when I find my mind wandering on this topic, three movies/books stand out to me. Gone with the Wind Hunger Games (the trilogy) Millennium Trilogy (you know; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, et al.) All three feature strong-willed female leads who are unethical (as […]

  • Mommy Brain – it’s just an excuse

    Edited: Updated with link to a study by the APA about how brain size INCREASES in new mothers. That follows here: Brain size increases in the areas linked to behavior and motivation. A very small study, but take note. First, a confession – I have used the excuse “mommy brain” because I forgot something […]

  • Daylight Saving Time

    Every time that I look at the clock in my car (which I have yet to adjust to daylight saving time), I am utterly shocked that we all do this, twice a year, every year. All of us except Hawaii and most of Arizona. It’s surprising to me that so many countries internationally do it, […]

  • Styx

    I’ve discussed this with my husband and he agrees. If I worked really hard at it – like, quit my job and dedicated myself to it 24/7 – probably the very best I could ever sound as a singer is like the lead singer of Styx. Or a later Axl Rose. Inexplicably, the babies seem […]

  • Granite Boulder

    If you ever need a way to waste 20 minutes and you don’t really want to get up or anything, try to remember the name of the paint on your living room wall. We painted when we moved in, in 2008. We tore down a wall in 2011 and now find ourselves in need of […]

  • Mensa

    I have a Mensa puzzle calendar. It was a Christmas present, as these things generally are. I really like it. But here’s my problem: if I can solve the problem I suspect it’s too easy. If I can’t solve it, I feel like it’s real Mensa-quality (but then I feel dumb for not being able […]