Category: Conundrums

  • Anticipation

    This should provide a nice counterpoint to the Patience post, here. Anticipation can seriously enhance or seriously detract from an experience. Ahead of birthdays (depending on your age, of course), special holidays (Christmas, for me), and vacations/visiting friends, anticipation is a bit thrilling. It hypes the upcoming event like the best PR person in the […]

  • Patience as instruction

    Patience is one of those funny things that is always inversely affected by your own sense of urgency. The more urgent your task, the less patience you can generally muster. But it’s also one of those things that can be cultivated. It’s hard, which is why people say that patience is a virtue. If it’s […]

  • Time and society

    Last night at nearly the same time, my wonderful husband who is wonderful and I expressed opposite opinions. Him: This week is flying by! Me: This week is going so slowly! Then we stood there for a second staring at the other one, probably both of us (at least one of us) wondering how the […]

  • Passion part three

    Just today I came across this article in Fast Company by Cal Newport, excerpted from his book: The comments are especially interesting. Part of the argument is that people think Steve Jobs told students to find and follow their passion, while his own history was more complex than that. He developed passion in his […]

  • Passion part 2

    My sister and I were talking about the first Passion post (here) and she said some things that I thought were really interesting. First, you should know that she is a Major in the Army, she’s done two tours in war zones, and she is kind of* kick ass. Anyway, she’s currently doing some continuing […]

  • Passion

    My husband made  a CD for a trip we were taking recently, and I stole it and put it in my car afterwards. This is the way of my people. Anyway, I was listening to these songs, and I started to think about how, for me, musicians I like reach a sort of peak, and […]

  • Search terms

    WordPress lets you see the search terms people use when they end up on your blog (except in cases where the search engine doesn’t release those terms for privacy reasons). The terms people have used to end up on my blog are… instructive. Clearly, people are getting here by accident. Let’s review! Behr granite boulder […]

  • On Words, sort of

    Recently LinkedIn got hacked and a lot of people’s passwords were compromised. And the overwhelming reaction was sort of a cross between a yawn and an eye roll (well, except for the folks at LinkedIn, that is). I was thinking about that when I was driving in to work today. What was the motivation, really? […]

  • Heisenberg uncertainty principle for babies

    The Heisenberg uncertainty principle for babies states that you can either take a picture of your baby doing something cute now, or see what cute thing the baby is going to do next, but not both. I suppose if we’re going to be technical and correct, the principle would have to apply only to physical […]

  • A goose, a fox and a bag of grain

    So this is a logic problem which you are all probably pretty well acquainted with, considering it’s been around since the dark ages. It goes like this (or some variation thereof): a farmer has a goose, a fox and a bag of grain that he has to transport across the river. The boat that he […]