Daylight Saving Time

Every time that I look at the clock in my car (which I have yet to adjust to daylight saving time), I am utterly shocked that we all do this, twice a year, every year. All of us except Hawaii and most of Arizona. It’s surprising to me that so many countries internationally do it, too.

We are all apparently ok with getting up and doing everything an hour earlier. I don’t think anyone really questions it. It’s like a secret pact we have. I understand it was valuable at one point, but I can’t imagine that with LEDs, CFLs, and computers/TVs left on all night that we save energy by getting up an hour earlier. It’s not the lost sleep that bothers me; it’s the utter ridiculousness of it all. It would be very difficult to adequately explain to aliens.

It’s like an episode of Punk’d, but with the United States Naval Observatory.

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