A weekend out

Last weekend, Bob and I were able to get a night away in the finger lakes. It’s one of our favorite places to go because it’s laid-back and beautiful. We also looked at a lake front cottage that was adorable and way out of our price range. We went to two wineries – one we’d been to a long time ago, Keuka Lake Vineyards, and the other we had never been to, Living Roots. Both were smash hits!

Our main plan for the trip was to go to a Grateful Dead cover band, called Working Man Dead. They were playing at a remote farm called Fools Hill Farm, and the entire vibe felt really similar to Pollywog Hollar.

The show was really fun! I’m not really a Dead fan, but I always enjoy live music, and they were great. As can probably be imagined, there were people with hoola hoops and so on, and everyone was in camp chairs or on blankets. We brought a blanket and a couple cushions, and a couple bottles of wine. There were lots of kids around, because Fools Hill apparently also offers camping. There was a small pond and kids and moms were having a blast getting drenched, and some dads were trailing the landbound children. There was also a passel of adorable kittens. I would have stolen them all, but that would be theft and they were covered in fleas/ticks.

The next morning we went hiking at Watkins Glen State Park, and then went to see the pricy cottage. After that, we made our way home.

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