Every August, for one week, we go to Wasaga Beach, Ontario (unless the border is closed, in which case we stay home terrified and exhausted). We do nearly nothing. Venturing out to get this photo (a couple miles from our cottage) was An Event.

It might be my favorite vacation. It’s nearby (four or five hours, depending on the border wait times), it’s always lovely weather (in the 80s), and the cottage we rent is both incredibly low-key and right on the water. We fall asleep to the waves lapping on the beach each night. And we wake up to the tractors raking the beach at 6am every day.

I don’t have that many photos because I barely had my phone on me. I read seven books (I took nine), only one of which was digital. I floated in the water and played Sharks and Women with Grant (he eventually remembered it’s Sharks and Minnows). I played frisbee with Bob. I was enthralled by Eleanor and Henry’s take on Hamlet. Mostly, I read.

Henry, Grant, and (cousin) John.
(cousin) Brynn, Grant, Bob, (sil) Jen
A beach north of Balm Beach
Balm Beach
Brynn and Grant

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, and I can’t wait for next August. ❤️

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