Busy weekends

Two different, differently busy weekends.

Weekend One

Last weekend, Bob took me out for an overnight in a nearby ski town to celebrate my birthday. We took his sister and our brother-in-law out for dinner and drinks as well, to make it a proper party.

Me and my SIL/bestie Jen
The whole crew including Smokey the Bear

I had so much fun! I bought a new dress and necklace, curled my hair, and scheduled a pedicure.

Nearly 41, baby

We went out, had some drinks, had dinner, then went out to see a band briefly. We walked back to the inn, and hung around at the campfire they had. I sat next to some other guest at the fire, so I struck up a conversation to be sociable. Not too long into the conversation he asked when I was due, and when I told him that I wasn’t due for anything, he got very flustered with me. Since I wasn’t inclined to make him feel better, that pretty well ended the niceties.

So instead the four of us hung out a bit longer, until it was time for Jen and Tim to head home.

Sister and brother
This explains Bob and Jen’s dynamic pretty well.

Then! We went straight to bed and woke up fresh as a couple new daisies!

In fact, no. Bob suggested we go back out dancing and I thought, “…” aka, absolutely nothing, because I agreed. We hit the dance floor – well, I did, Bob held my purse – and danced with all the young people until my knees literally gave out. It was so much fun! Finally we went back to the inn, and I had to set an alarm for my pedicure in the morning. At the spa, I informed them of my tender condition, and they were entirely sympathetic and gave me the gentlest, quietest pedicure. They recommended greasy food and sent me on my way, feeling fortified, if not better.

We grabbed breakfast at a diner on the way back to Olean, and went home for a few hours before heading to my in-laws, where the kids had stayed overnight. We gathered the whole family together for a belated Easter egg hunt and a family BBQ, since the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Grant, demonstrating his big jumps.

All in all, it was a great weekend.

Weekend Two

This past Thursday (my actual birthday), Bob had to head to Niagara Falls for an Environmental Health Director conference. That was two days, followed by him immediately crossing the border to get to a race scheduled for Sunday, in Toronto. While he was gone, we took advantage of the nice weather on Friday to spend time outside after work, and then gardening all day Saturday.

I was so pleased to be buying plants that I lost my head completely and got Grant a Grant-sized shovel. So he is most definitely weaponized now. I was hit by dirt often.

We spent the entire day outside, and a good thing, too, because so far it has rained all day today.

While we have been bickering and needling each other today, Bob got up very early to get ready for his half marathon. A few nights on his own and being able to relax seemed to be just the ticket, because he crushed his old PR by nearly a minute!

This is the sort of race he wanted to have, and means that he’ll race in a marathon competitively next fall. In the meantime, however, he’s already descending into chaos, eating poutine and declaring he’s even getting a donut. Don’t tell his coach.

Spring is my current favorite season. The grass glowing green, the flowers emerging, bees making a comeback, the warmth. It’s all the best, and we got to enjoy two amazing weekends in a row – sure, it snowed between those weekends, but we were busy working, so who cares?

Now I’m busy killing grass so I can plant all the other plants I got, and perhaps that will be my next weekend. Time will tell!

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    • Shovel through a window is highly likely. I said “no high sticking!” like 200 times, so probably someone will get a shovel to the face at some point, too. It is really an indicator of Grant’s charisma that I constantly find myself in these situations.

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