More like forty-fun, amirite?

Forty was a good year. It went well, and I’m glad it happened. I’m really looking forward to forty-one, because it just seems like it’s going to be awesome.

I love flowers. Bob bought me a beautiful bouquet yesterday (Grant tells me he was involved in the selection, but since Grant was with me, I do not think this is true). I also got a lovely framed photo, that is now on my work desk, taken on the fateful day of the birds.

Eleanor is doing what she does in all photos, Henry is still traumatized from being chased, Grant is in it to win it, and I am being FABULOUS. It’s a big beach, and a good sunset. A very happy day.

My parents got me this perfect, gorgeous MacKenzie Childs bunny planter, and some succulents that are nearly as perfect and gorgeous (so little can top the bunny, though). I can’t wait to pick out a plant to fit inside! Her name is Clotilde.

Forty-one is going to hold a lot, I think. It’s a prime number, and it’s the 13th prime, which is like being a prime twice. This is going to be a year of a lot of work, with extraordinarily interesting problems to work on, and a lot of learning. It’s only been a day so far, and I’ve already learned 3 new things. The next year will see the twins into 5th grade, and Grant nearly through 1st. That feels like a very big shift from 4th and kindergarten. I’ve said a few times that this year (insert nearly any prior year) is the year I’m going to start reading the comments on the internet, but this is the year! The comments on Tumblr are the best part (I’m going to very generously lump reblogs under the catchall of “comments,” though they’re not notes, but are commentary), so I am delighted to report that this is already underway, and there has been much cackling. Here’s to a year of puzzles and chuckles!

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