The birds

We took a walk on Treasure Island yesterday evening after dinner. It was pretty windy, and everyone was a little crabby after a long day.

We all sort of noticed that a flock of sea birds was hovering overhead. Right overhead. About 4 feet over our heads. We were all looking up and admiring how the birds were working with and against the wind to stay, again, directly overhead.

Then suddenly Henry takes off running, in a panic. The birds dive for him. Henry’s zigging, Henry’s zagging, and the birds are maneuvering after him, close and low. He yells, “they’re after my bagel!!” He throws the bagel right, he runs left, and the birds ditch him for his bagel.

The rest of us were doubled over laughing when Henry trotted back and said, “they wanted my bagel, and they took it.” Indeed, a single bird was trying to lift half a bagel which many other birds (20 or so) were showing decided investment in the bagel as well. Some fights broke out, and then they dispersed.

We later read that we are not to disturb the sea birds on a beach side placard. Sorry birds.

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