I, frustrate

To start, since November, the kids have had 12 separate tooth-related appointments at 3 different providers (regular dentist, pediatric dentist, and orthodontist). All three kids see the regular dentist, but to get fillings/extractions, Henry and Grant need to go to the pediatric dentist, because their mouths are so small (and Eleanor can see the regular dentist because her mouth is not so small). Henry sees the orthodontist as well. Many of these 12 different appointments involve multiple children, which is actually its very own kind of nightmare. Henry and Eleanor together is usually fine, unless they’re feeling very saucy, in which case they’re unruly and everything takes longer. Henry and Grant together (which happened today at the pediatric dentist) is a pretty big risk, because they fight like cats and dogs (they were kind and supportive of each other today, by some miracle). Eleanor and Grant is hit or miss, depending on how grouchy either one is. All three together is almost always a disaster, unless there are three providers to see them all simultaneously, and that is just not the way it ever works.

Today at the pediatric dentist, which is 70 minutes from home, the receptionist asked if the orthodontist gave us a paper to bring with us. They did, but I forgot it. I hate when I forget things like this. I feel flaky and I know it’s extra work for them – they then have to call the orthodontist and get them to fax the paper, because it shows exactly which tooth to extract. Understandably, they don’t wing it. So the receptionist gets on the phone with Henry’s orthodontist while Grant’s getting his x-rays. She comes up to me and says “Henry is supposed to be at the orthodontist right now!” and I said, “No, that’s tomorrow at this time.” Guess which one of us was wrong! It was me! I hate when I mix up appointment times. I had it in my calendar, and I always double check days and times when I make the appointments because I do mix things up with the dyslexia, and somehow I still screwed this up. And this particular orthodontist appointment I had already had to reschedule because Bob was going to have the car all day on the day of the original appointment, so I couldn’t drive Henry the next town over to the ortho. So I feel like my reliability is pretty low with these providers and I HATE that. I’m so frustrated with myself.

I called the orthodontist when I got back to my office today after dropping the boys back at their schools, and I apologized profusely. She was so kind, and said that it was a funny mistake, and that she and the receptionist at the pediatric dentist laughed, that it wasn’t a big deal. She was also able to schedule Henry in tomorrow at 8:30 (which works better than 10:30, actually). So, all’s well that ends well(ish). But it’s also not, because I’m not going to be not frustrated about this for awhile. What I can do is really get the rest of these appointments right – and we have like 8 more through the spring. I don’t know what my children’s teeth are made of, but it’s not tooth material. They got papier mâché teeth, which I’m sorry to say they inherited from me (and I got mine from my dad).

Bah. The end.

EDIT: seems the orthodontist is done with my shit, and I for one, appreciate it.

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