Next week I’m starting a rotation with Tumblr, acting as COO. I’m super excited about this, because I find Tumblr a little bit (a lotta bit) magical, and it’s an honor to work with the team in any capacity.

For the first time in a long time, I won’t have any direct reports – I’ve been a lead for like 7 years. I truly enjoy it and find it super fulfilling. But this rotation gives me a chance to explore in a way I haven’t typically. I don’t know much about how the business runs and I’m looking forward to understanding that better. I’m also really excited about taking up a more strategic role, helping get projects done and be part of building something special.

I was talking to my kids about this, a few days ago, and they asked me if that meant I was no longer working for Wapuu (never have worked for Wapuu, it’s not even possible), or if I wouldn’t be working for WordPress (I don’t work on WordPress), so they definitely do not understand what I do. They’re not going to get this role either. And I think what’s so great about that is that you do not have to be defined to be capable. I would not have been able to predict any stage of my career at Automattic, and there is no career track that you’re supposed to do at Automattic. You are able to look around and see where you can contribute, so you contribute and then you find other things you want to work on.

In this case, a few weeks ago, I pinged Matt and said that I’d love to help with Tumblr, and what could I do to help? And he asked me what I could do, so we talked about it and here I am. I can’t wait to dive in!

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