I’m going to treat myself, and uninstall Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Maybe not forever, but for a while. I want to reset.

I have my home on the world wide web right here, and something that I miss is having all my content start from here. There’s some on Instagram, some on Twitter (I don’t post directly to Facebook anymore), and I regret that.

I’m not sure what any of those sites really do for me. I’m not all that comfortable with Meta, and don’t mind breaking away from those properties (Facebook, Instagram). Twitter is recursive – the more I like cute otters, the more cute otters I see. That sounds nice, but it can get dark fast, too. Like the wrong thing one time, and suddenly the world is very dire. I’m tired of algorithms. Twitter is microblogging, and I’ve got a full-grown blog. I’ve been blogging here since 2013, so I’m not sure why I’d dilute all that by being overly reliant on Twitter (which I currently am).

I’m going to reset my habits for awhile, and just focus on this site and trawling Tumblr. Tumblr doesn’t curate your feed – it’s pure chronology. It doesn’t nudge you to the worst of the internet because of algorithms that are literally inhuman and inhumane. Tumblr also has some of the most creative work on the internet. I see things there that I have never seen anywhere else. It’s like the old days with StumbleUpon; you don’t know what fun, funky thing you’ll see next. So I’d like to more deliberately celebrate that, for myself.

6 responses to “Reset”

    • Every few years I manage to open my eyes long enough to recognize that I don’t like the dive bars I’m spending time in, and I want a quality establishment … and that the quality establishment is RIGHT HERE.


  1. Maybe about a week ago my daughter asked if I saw the video she tagged me in on FB. I told her I don’t go on FB anymore as my password never works, etc. She said she “saw” me on that day. I think because I have my blog attached to FB so my posts go there it looks like I use it. I still do for the marketplace, to sell things, but I have no interest in anything else.

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      • I have tried that too but I have a bunch of people who have never seen my blog but see my posts on FB. Whatever I guess. I just don’t put anything too personal anywhere. Honestly, most of what I write is in peoples comments so I guess if anyone wanted to try and figure crap out about me they would have to go through a lot of channels to do it. I have a few siblings who have read stuff and thrown it back at me.


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