Grant doesn’t forget about stuff. You can’t distract him by saying, “let’s save that for the weekend,” on, say, a Monday and hope he forgets. He will not.

Case in point: he came home from school on Monday and said, “mom, let’s write a story!” And I, up to my arms in cooking dinner and doing dishes, said, “that’s something we can do on the weekend”.

Saturday morning dawned early for me. Grant arrived at my bedside with a book he had made of taped together sheets, and announced, “it’s the weekend, so we can write out story!”

Almost immediately we hit some creative differences.

He added the barcode.

We wrote the whole story, but only managed to illustrate a few pages.

“These two are flying,” he said, upbeat. Also, the pen on the side is the page number (1).

He required that I draw this entire page. He very much liked the question marks, and also stipulated that two dogs fly. I agree that my dog drawings are inferior to Grants.

Stay tuned for more exciting installments (possibly).

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