Your guide to becoming a Happiness Engineer

My team is hiring great Happiness Engineers everyday, and we are thrilled to have this resource now to share with folks who are very close to being great candidates!

Happiness Everywhere

Welcome to the Happiness Engineer blog! Chances are you’re here for a specific reason… you’re interested in joining us as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

This post was written by a group of Happiness Engineers on a team called Sparta. We were really inspired by this post our brilliant colleague Sandy made four years ago on how to become a Happiness Engineer. Since our team comes from varied backgrounds and experiences, we thought we’d share our favorite tips and updated resources that helped us prepare for applying for the Happiness Engineer position here at Automattic.

Here on Sparta, we have team members who come from backgrounds in the restaurant industry, education, stay-at-home parenting, trauma therapy, marketing, and more. We’re living proof that Happiness Engineers can (and do!) come from all sorts of backgrounds.

“Just apply!” you may hear. Well, not quite. We would love to have you join us!…

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