Hey Mom…?

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to the things Grant says, instead of occasionally reading them, then boy have I got news for you! We’ve started a tiny podcast, which will drop episodes infrequently (or maybe frequently; he loves recording) for your listening pleasure! Expect episodes shorter than 10 minutes, and mostly nonsense.

In this episode, Grant told me he wanted to tell me a joke, so we paused for a minute so I could start recording. He was very interested in the phone screen. And, this is how all our conversations go.

Listen to our first (and so far, only) episode below!

Golden slumbers Hey Mom

I caught Grant singing to himself while he "does the dishes"
  1. Golden slumbers
  2. Catastrophe
  3. Playtime
  4. Halloween costumes
  5. Chickens are chickens

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