I took the kids to see our friends a few towns away today, and it was balm for my soul. My friend Brittany said that she would like to read my parenting book with chapters such as “I don’t accept the premise,” “benevolent neglect,” and “the apocalypse, but happy.” The kids played beautifully together, and getting time with friends was so much needed.

I like to tell Britt that when I visit her, it’s like tuning into my favorite series, with well established characters and there’s always something new happening that I hadn’t seen on any previous episode. The new old tradition this time was Opening Day, apparently it’s a huge tradition for their family and I’ve known Britt and Jay for like 17 or 18 years and this is the first it’s come up. I love it.

Grant with his “very best friend” Killian.
Eleanor and Willow decorated the entrance to Fairy Land.
Grant gave Kills a flower.
It’s important to me that everyone sees this photo of Brittany. It tells you everything.
They have 19 chickens and this is the one I had to shoo out of my car.

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