Here’s a new COVID era term: selfishpression. When someone uses the excuse of self-expression to be selfish. Example: “I didn’t wear a mask because I’m just so ready for COVID to be over, and I want my summer back.”

You know it when you see it.

One response to “Selfishpression”

  1. Yup, and unfortunately, until one is off the mountain and back to base camp, they are not. Pouting and bitching is a waste of energy. Gotta simply endure until off the mountain so to speak. You can’t pout or wish away the trouble. I feel, “Don’t waste trouble. Instead, adapt, and spend the energy one would otherwise use to whine to contribute to their personal solution and deft ability to thrive, regardless of the circumstances.” Maybe it’s a tall order, though from my perspective not. There is no new normal, or back to the way it was. Now, it is, and “is” is now different.

    … from my perspective which needn’t apply to anyone but myself. Simply, the perspective from which I operate.


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