Henry’s art

A few weeks ago we found out that Henry’s artwork had been selected to hang in the Quick Arts Center, which is the Bonaventure arts building. The reception was tonight so we were thrilled to go. An added bonus was how many friends we saw! Both friends of the kids, and my friends too. It was fun to celebrate so many young artists together. The show was a juried show for students from kindergarten through fifth grade. It included all the kids in the area, so not just the Olean schools. It was really cool to see so many different interpretations of the assigned pieces. After the show we checked out all the galleries (and I panicked over Grant wanting to touch everything), then we saw the lighting of the big tree in the atrium. And then! Then it was time for the interactive show. It was a one-woman (Mrs Claus) show that was interactive. Grant even invited himself on stage when my dad went up! He was dubbed Rudolph.

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