Nathaniel Rateliff

Last night we went to see Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats at Brewery Ommegang. We met our friends Simon and Casey – finding Simon thanks to his hat – and chatted during the opening act, The Head and the Heart. The opener was actually a full two hour show, so we were getting antsy to see the headliner. Nathaniel Rateliff was amazing! It was rollicking and full of energy. The crowd was surprisingly diverse age-wise, with little kids all the way through older adults. There was camping, which we had originally planned to do, but it was forecast to be cold enough that we instead stayed at a bnb in Cooperstown. At the end of the show, we said bye to Simon and Casey, and caught the encore – a Springsteen cover – that ended right as fireworks began. It was so much fun. Some photos of our trip:

At the show
Outside our bnb

A little library in Cooperstown!
Simon and Casey
Bob and Simon having one hell of a good time

After a drink

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