Yesterday was my birthday, and it was really a very good day.

On Friday, one of my sisters was in town, and the other one was here a few weeks before that.

I spent most of Friday with my sister Kirsten and my parents and my kids. It was the first time Kirsten met the potato, too! After work, Bob came, and then my nephew and his wife and their baby came, too. Our babies are pretty close in age, which is fun. We sat up late playing dominoes and listening to Beatles radio.

On Saturday, I had a nice lie-in, and woke up to a card that Eleanor made me that said “always be yourself,” which is sage advice. Henry made me a paper flower out of construction paper, and a matching watering can. I lounged around with them and Bob (and Grant, of course) all day, and really enjoyed having that time with my little family. After dinner there was a cake (which I love and it just says “Zandy” on it – it makes me laugh and it was perfect and delicious) and ice cream, and I opened presents. Henry filled a box with paper hearts for me. Bob wrapped up chocolate from each of the kids for me, and he also got me a bug hotel, which I am super stoked about and asked for! He got me a lovely bee necklace (which hasn’t arrived yet), and my favorite of all is a lovely locket with me and Bob on one side, and the three kids on the other. It’s so pretty and sentimental and lovely. It’s exactly what I wanted, without knowing I wanted it. My mother-in-law got me a wine glass that says “this girl needs wine,” which is completely appropriate! I also got a lovely card from my in-laws. My parents got me just what I asked for, which was a gift card to Anthropologie. When we finally, finally have a house, I’ll use it to get something special for the house. My sister gave me some cute fridge magnets featuring hand-drawn dogs and some butterscotch fudge. My cup runneth over. I got a lot of wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook and via text, and my heart is full up. My parents are taking me and Bob out tonight for a grown-ups dinner, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Really, it’s been a very good three days.

Here are some photos:

Kirsten with Henry
Kirsten with Grant
Jesus these two
My locket!
My bug hotel – how cool is this!
Eleanor, wise beyond her years
My dad cuddling Grant

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