Surprise treat

My parents came over to put the three kids to bed last night, and I used positive rewards (aka, bribes) to get the twins to behave. I told them that if they got a good report, I’d give them a special surprise treat the next day.

They got a good report! So I needed to think up something special. While I was working this morning, it hit me: I’d take them out for dessert and a trip to the arcade.

We ended up going to get gelato. I ordered us each a medium and it was way too big.

After we all shivered through our brownie delight, we braved the frozen wastes to go to the arcade. There are two arcades in town. One has been in the mall forever; it used to be Aladdin’s Castle, but I’m not sure if that’s still the name. You exchange US dollars for tokens, and you get paper tickets for each game played. The other arcade is smaller but brigher, and much newer. You get a card to load with cash, and the card automatically registers tickets earned. It doesn’t have the same magic. But we went to the newer one this time, because it’s easier to have the kids manage their own cards.

The kids had a blast! They played some games that didn’t give out tickets (boo) but also many that did.

It was a fun special treat for all three of us.

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