Buzz buzz

I like to paint, and I’ve always deeply admired horticultural prints, with their detailed, delicate compositions. I also quite like working on a small scale – a tiny painting is easy to manage, and I love the idea that the smallest touch of the brush can change an entire image, bringing out depth or a brief limn of sunshine on a leaf.

It’s been unseasonably warm the last day or so, and I got into my head to go pick up some watercolors and other supplies, and get some painting done after the kids were in bed. Bob took on putting the twins to sleep (even though it was my night) so I could get started.

I’m pleased with how it turned out – I’ve never painted a bee before. The composition isn’t perfect (and, far from it, truthfully), but still, it makes me happy. I’m excited to work more on painting bees and flowers, and hope I can find the time to do so.


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