You and your art dopplegänger

Google has an app you can use to find your art dopplegänger – it’s called Google Arts and Culture. Everyone has been using it lately, so I caved and gave it a try. Here are my five results.


Ok, not bad! No matter what selfie I used, I got this painting back. I like the color blocking. We have similar eyebrows. 55% match feels appropriate.

Things got a little away from me, however, on subsequent matches.


I don’t think this is a compliment. 51% match with Alphia, who might be hiding under a bed? It’s too dark to tell what she looks like.


Wait a minute! This painting is titled “The Old Model (Old Spanish Woman)” and I’m frankly not sure they needed to put “old” in the name twice. But I like this style of painting a lot. Maybe not 49% matched with it a lot, but nonetheless.


A Toulouse Lautrec! Not bad my girl. I particularly like this woman’s expression. She’s got a real “I’m not here for your shit” look about her.


A 47% match with a fat baby. This is the highlight of my life. I’ve been matched both with an old (old) woman and a fat baby. I am the alpha and the omega. I am every woman, and some babies.

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