Holiday Concert

Last night the twins had their first holiday concert. They sang two songs, followed by two songs by the first graders, then the kindergarten and first grade sang two songs together, and that was it! It was the perfect length.

For the first two songs, Eleanor was in the back row in the middle, and it was clear that she kept carrying on conversations with the girls on either side of her. She kept gesturing dramatically – I mean, it was obvious. Henry was standing next to a friend of his and was obviously incredibly pleased to be doing all the right hand motions. They were both great!

For the finale, Henry and Eleanor stood near each other, near the top. But as the second song progressed, Henry began working his way down the risers. He ended up on the bottom riser, and we all were sure he was going to make a break for back-stage, but he stuck it out.

I didn’t take many photos there, because we were too far back for them to be useful, but in this one, Eleanor is in the middle of the back row, and Henry is on the right, wearing grey, with his arms stuck out straight.


And this is what Grant was doing the entire time:


He got really into the clapping at the end of each song, and whenever there was a pause in a song, he’d start clapping his little meaty palms together.

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