Snuggle time

Grant is a waddler who lives large. He loves to run, he loves to shout, he loves to laugh, he loves to snuggle. When he needs a quick pick-me-up after a busy shout/throw session, or an exciting run/bumble session, he goes for a cuddle. It boosts his little battery and gets him back in the game. He tends to go until his store of snug is almost completely depleted, and he’s just forced to lie on the closest soft thing and tuck his arms under his body for max cuddles. Things he has snugged so far this weekend: Chester (much to the cat’s dismay), my parents’ dog (much to Murphy’s concern), my leg while we were both standing, a stuffed dinosaur, and a blanket he pulled out (possibly for the sole purpose of getting in a snuggle). He relaxes for anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute, and then with a hoot, he pushes up to his feet and bustles off to investigate the next thing. 

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