Grown-up time

Last night, Bob and I went out with our friends for drinks and dinner. It was amazing grown-up time that I really needed! I get to see adults a lot, but I don’t often get to see them when there are no children around.

We got some drinks and snacks at the Roof at The Durham hotel, and then found our way to Bar Virgile (no easy feat, since we weren’t entirely sure where it was – despite the fact that 3 out of 4 of us had been there before).

Then today, Bob and I grabbed some lunch at Gonza Tacos y Tequila (we did not get tequila, tyvm) – we had talked about it at dinner the night before, and it sounded perfect. Of course, it delivered.

Drinks before dinner at Bar Virgile. I had a Mumbai Direct.
Lunch today at Gonza – Mahi Mahi tacos.

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