My hair, it’s curly

All my life I’ve had straight hair. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to people who’ve met me at least once. Long hair, short hair, medium hair – it’s always been straight. Until about a month ago. It started getting curly. Here’s a little collage of my hair from about two months ago (the most recent photo I have with my hair not in a pony) and last week.

20170713_195240-COLLAGE (1).jpg

The hair on the left is not straightened, and the hair on the right is not curled.

As far as I can tell, this isn’t really standard hair behavior. I mean, I’ve always wanted curly hair, sure. It’s more work, and I’ve had to learn how to take care of it, but I am enjoying it.

But… why?

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is hormones. I did a little research, and went to the doctor. The first thing she said is that it’s likely hormones. She did a pregnancy test (we had a good laugh), a complete blood panel, a metobolic panel, and a thyroid test. Everything came back within the standards (and not pregnant). I know I’m not going through menopause or anything like that (or puberty, for that matter). We ran a Google search for whether weaning Grant could have prompted it (doesn’t seem to be the case, although you can expect a surge of prolactin after weaning), and it doesn’t seem likely that pregnancy hormones would have such a delayed effect (which was my original assumption).

One of my close friends, who I can whine to, suggested following up and asking about autoimmune disorders and going to and endocrinologist specifically, since the normal range may not be normal for any one individual. I do know I have autoimmune progesterone disease, which isn’t well known at all, so I suppose it’s possible that this is somehow related.

I’m a little frustrated, because I thought for certain that the thyroid panel will provide definite answers, but I also feel I have additional avenues to explore. We will see what the future holds!

6 responses to “My hair, it’s curly”

  1. Crazy! Hope you get to the bottom of it. I know there are autoimmune disorders that make your hair turn white and also fall out, but don’t know if one that turns it curly. But you’re rocking the curls. I love it!

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  2. Have you gotten more white or grey hair? Greys can behave totally differently to your “normal” hair. When my friend got grey all her hair curled up as well.


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