Across the Niagara

Yesterday we walked across the Rainbow Bridge to meet Bob’s parents and drop off Henry and Eleanor with them. I don’t recall ever having walked across the bridge between Canada and America before, but this was definitely new for the kids. Customs was quick, and unlike in the car the customs agent didn’t question the kids about who they were and if we were their parents.

On the Canadian side of the bridge we strolled through some lovely Georgian-esque gardens, with tall, blowsy tulips, manicured hedges, and art deco fountains, urns, and reliefs.

The pedestrian path on the bridge was quite wide – 12 or so feet, with a solid steel barrier between traffic and the path, and an open rail over the river. The view of both the American and the Horseshoe falls was fantastic.

After handing off the twins to Nana and Papa, we walked back to Canada, like a couple of pioneers, carrying our baby in a pack.

We found our car and then found the river and drove along it until we ran into Niagara on the Lake, where we went to lunch at Caroline’s, and then checked into our bed and breakfast.

After unpacking, we visited our favorite wineries (and discovered a new favorite, Rancourt), and then got some dinner at the Olde Angel Inn. Everywhere we went, Grant flirted shamelessly with everyone.

In the morning, Grant fully explored our bed and breakfast room, delighting in cramming himself under nightstands, climbing over chair legs, and finding a perfectly baby-sized table.

At breakfast we met the other couple staying at the BnB, and their 6 month old son. After a few polite pleasantries, we plunged directly into talking politics (the husband works for the Canadian federal government), where we all roundly and decidedly denounced Trump. The last time we were in Canada – 2 years ago today – I would have never discussed politics with strangers at a BnB. Now it seems normal.

After Bob runs, we are going to visit a last few wineries and perhaps a distillery, shop a little downtown, and head back to Olean for the rest of our vacation.

2 responses to “Across the Niagara”

  1. omg – you never told me you were coming up to Niagara Falls!
    Hope you had a good time in Niagara on the lake.

    p.s – The Canadian falls are way better than the US ones 😛


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