A little big change

Today I started my new role, as a Woo Happiness Lead. I lead a team of seven (eight counting me), spread from Ohio to Warsaw (the one in Poland, not New York). If you’ve spoken to me recently, you may be asking yourself “why Europe?” And the reason is we hope to grow that team in two directions – both in Europe and in the Americas. Eventually we will split the team into two; my legacy seems to be breaking up teams! But that’s fine with me, it’s necessary for growth, and I’m very excited.

The new team is really new to me, although not to Woo. I’ll be working with a combination of new and familiar faces, but many of the team I met today ahead of the announcement.

I am incredibly honored by the trust that has been bestowed on me, and the charge I’ve been entrusted with: to grow a highly performing team that is excited by engineering happiness for our users wherever we may meet them.

Here’s to an exciting 2017, and adventures as yet unseen!

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