Saturday morning

The twins went to stay at a friend’s house for the weekend (which is amazing and I am utterly grateful), so Bob and I got up with Grant this morning and went to downtown Hillsborough to get coffee and breakfast and see the sights. It was so much fun! The weather was gorgeous. Outside Cup a Joe was a fun string band (and dancer!) featuring a mandolin, a banjo, two guitars, two fiddles, and what I think is a bass (not a cello).

After I grabbed a coffee, we listened to the band for a few minutes, then headed down the hill towards Weaver Street Market. On the way, we stopped at K’s Closet, which is owned by a woman in our neighborhood, and I oohed and aahed over the baby rompers and all the pretty leggings. I’ll be going back there for sure! Down at Weaver Street, we picked up a couple of breakfast sandwiches and some sushi for lunch, and then headed back up the hill. Partway up, we realized the farmer’s market was still going on, so we headed over. We picked up some local pheta cheese, and I picked out my favorite flowers, ranunculus! The big puff balls look like hydrangeas, but apparently they’re an early blooming look-alike. Some kindly strangers saw us trying to take photos under a pretty dogwood in front of the town hall, and took a photo of us.


I do so love our sweet little town.

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