Today our nanny Leah and I took the kids and met a multiple mama friend, Jami, and her gorgeous, coordinated children at the life and science museum. We had a blast! Eleanor and Grady were the two out-going ones, and we are already planning their wedding. Greer was bright as a sunbeam, a small, cheery sun bustling around. Grady was more low-key, but he loved to chit-chat with me, and it reminded me so much of Henry. And little Grace Caroline knows her own mind and is going to be a strong, sassy southern woman someday! A funny coincidence is that Henry and Ele are only a couple days older than Grady and Greer. 

Greer, Henry, Eleanor, and Grady
Ele and Grady, to be wed in the spring
Greer, Ele, Grady
Grace Caroline explaining bears to Henry
Eleanor and Greer had already taken off
You’d never know Henry is a few days older than Grady!

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