Mrs Claus

My kids are obsessed with Mrs Claus – particularly Henry. A few days ago, I recorded this exchange:

But it really goes much deeper than that. It all began a few weeks ago. The kids started asking who Mrs Claus is, what her first name is, what her job is, and so on. Watching Rudolph if anything, raised additional questions. 

After (apparently) carefully watching Mrs Claus through several movies, Henry became especially concerned for her. “Mom, what does Mrs Claus do? Why does she have to live at the North Pole? Does Santa let her leave?”

For whatever reason, they can accept that a shadowy older man would choose to live in a frozen twilit tundra along with his enslaved brethren, but not that his wife would put up with all that noise. Instead, Henry wants her at the South Pole, where she can be the Jane Goodall of penguins and, apparently, have her own bizarre obsessions. 

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