Yesterday morning I switched my primary domain on this site from to As far as I can tell, no one noticed! And that’s great – mapping a new domain to your site doesn’t change the content at all.

Automattic — the parent company of — has the rights to .blog, so as an Automattician, I was able to secure a domain of my choosing early on, with the understanding that I would use it on my personal site (or another site) (meaning, I wouldn’t just be squatting on the domain!).

You can read the recent announcement here, which has more details, and if you want to get your own .blog address, you can go over here.

Now, if you navigate to my site by typing in my site address (which my stats tell me no one does – thanks Facebook!), you may be confused because when you type in “” it still comes right here. Well, it’s possible to have multiple domains on a single site. One will be the primary domain, and that’s what will appear in the URL bar at the top of your browser. The rest will simply direct people to the site. Try it out! All of these will lead you here:

And I’m sorry, but is already taken.

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