We had a busy weekend – on Saturday we went to our local library and met up with our friends and had hot cocoa, made some ornaments, and watched The Polar Express. After that, we all trooped outside to watch the holiday parade in downtown Hillsborough. It was surprisingly thorough! It was a lot of fun to watch and cheer for all the floats. I went inexplicably bananas when the miniature horses showed up. 

Yesterday, we made ornaments at our community clubhouse – and even though I was at the end of my rope with the twins at that point in the day, we had a lovely time. 

Two really nice things happened this weekend; small things – smaller than small – but vital things. On Saturday at the parade, I went to nurse the baby in a little alley, and a woman arrived at the bench at the same time I did. She just needed to put down her bag while she dug around for something. She saw me sit down and position Grant. I didn’t have my cover with me. She tucked her unlit cigarette away and said, “you know what? Thank you. Thank you for doing what you need to do – babies have to eat!” It was a genuine moment, and even though we both sort of gushed nonsensically at each other for a minute, it was an uplifting moment. The other thing that happened was yesterday at the clubhouse. Grant had been crying inconsolably (which is unusual for him – I think he may have another tooth coming through) and the twins were being punchy. I was eventually able to sit and nurse Grant (I had my cover this time!) and help each twin with an ornament. As I was preparing to leave, we ran into another friend from the neighborhood, and I mentioned that I had basically lost my mind with the twins, at which point another mom said she had been planning on complimenting me on how together I seemed. It felt really nice, even though it couldn’t be further from the truth! I had a nice moment with a few other moms after that as well – just small, solidarity type stuff. Stuff that ends up mattering a lot. 

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