Cast off

Eleanor had her cast off today. The nurse showed her the saw, which looked like a tiny circular saw attached to a shop vac. To demonstrate that the saw wouldn’t hurt her, the nurse said “look, I’ll hold it to mama’s hand – it doesn’t hurt” or course my instinct was to definitely not do that but I was brave for Eleanor and of course the safety shield did its job. 

After the nurse cut through the pink fiber glass part, she basically ripped the cast off like the Hulk. It was very impressive. Ele immediately cheered up (she was pretty frightened of the saw).

She had x-rays that honestly didn’t look that great to me, but two doctors assured me that there was aggressive healing and she didn’t need a proper cast again.

Now she just has a splint until December 1, and barring any issues, we don’t need to come back. She can take it off for baths and to eat (and any activity where we feel she will be calm and sedate, so nothing else).

4 responses to “Cast off”

    • There were some suspicious scratch marks in there. Also, I LOVE the visual of the Lego popping out! This pleases me. But I also see Ele’s future in you. I’ll watch the Legos from now on.


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