100 days

I’ve managed to post everyday since June 30, when I gave birth. 

Put another way, I’ve blogged every day of my son’s life so far. Which means Grant is 100 days old!

I have been posting a photo, sometimes with a few words, from my phone, and occasionally something a little longer. Typically the only time I have is when I’m feeding the baby, and he kicks a lot, so my phone has some new dents where it has been kicked out of my hands and across the room (it’s my second Moto G, and is really terrific for such a low price – the new G is also as big as the X, so it feels less like a “starter” phone). Using Publicize means the posts go right to Facebook and Twitter without me having to do anything. My two complaints are that video posts from the phone don’t seem to go to Facebook automatically, and that there is no Instagram integration. 

So what have I learned over the past 100 days? So much! I have learned how to breastfeed (and so has Grant), I’ve learned how to juggle the twins with a newborn, I’ve learned how to make bedtime work (for now), I’ve learned about two different hospital systems (Duke and UNC), I’ve learned what happens when you give everyone your old insurance card number instead of the new one (nothing productive).

I’ve also learned I have two fantastic big kids who are slowly acquiring patience and a sense of humor at being made to wait. I already knew that I had a kind and loving husband who is incredibly supportive even when working flat out. 

I’ve learned about my amazing neighbors who all love a chance to compliment my baby. I’ve been reminded of my wonderful friends – old and new – who are always a couple taps of the phone away. 

I’ve felt my anxiety be assuaged by looking around at the younger people I know, from my cousins who are quite grown now, to my nieces and nephews, to my own kids and their little friends, and seeing that there is a lot of goodness and love and compassion and caring in the world. I’ve felt hope. 

It’s been a busy 100 days, and in the next 100 I will go back to work and celebrate the holidays and a new year and a new chapter in our country’s history. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited! Although I could do with more sleep. 

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