One month 

Grant had his one month appointment today. He’s doing great – he is measuring between the 25th and 50th percentile for length, weight, and head circumference. 

As of today, he weighs 9lbs 2.5oz, he is 21in long, and his head is 15in around.

When the doctor put him on his belly, he held himself up on his thighs and his elbows, and pivoted his head around looking at …I don’t know, the best way to escape and exact revenge probably. She looked at him not puddling onto his belly and looked at me and said “whoa – whoa. He is strong. He is a fall risk. He is really strong!” I told her that I had been kicked by this Hercules and it’s what I tried to tell people – he’s a strong buddy!

Overall he’s doing great. At his 2 month appointment he’ll get vaccines, so we’ll probably see real tears at that point. 

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