Hello World

Grant William, born at 9:06pm on June 30. 7lbs, 12.3oz and 19in long. 

We arrived at the hospital at 8:45pm, after I labored at home all day. We maybe waited a little long to come in, but it worked out fine. His birth was unmedicated, because of the timing, but I would have taken literally any drug they offered (they did not offer).

He was also born in caul – his bag of waters wasn’t ruptured – which is pretty special. 

He did perfectly on the apgar, and took to breastfeeding like a pro.

As with the twins, I had no tearing and needed no stitches (the moms out there know what I’m talking about), which is a very nice bonus. 

He is very musical, with lots of whistles and chirps already. 

Bob did an amazing job supporting me, even as I screamed in the wheelchair through the entire hospital and tried to squeeze his hand off. 

We are great, and we are complete. I am looking forward to the twins meeting Grant in the morning!

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