Memorial day walk

We took the kids on a quiet walk around our town yesterday, since almost everything was closed and it wouldn’t be very crowded. It was also super hot, so we followed our walk with a trip to the pool.

First, we walked by the local fire house. As I was making the kids pose with the truck (so shiny!) a fire fighter came out and asked if the kids wanted to get on the truck. Heck yes they did. They tried out two of the three trucks, then ran around the fire house alarming the fire fighters. It was really a nice treat.


I just really liked this sign for a local radio station.


This was the sidewalk of an old inn that is being restored. The original sidewalk then continues to the end of the block.


This tree was massive. This photo really doesn’t do it justice – it was glorious. But it’s super cute.


This is the front of the same inn as mentioned before.


This is me! In front of a stranger’s house – posing with their hydrangeas (one of our favorite flowers from our wedding). I don’t want to make a big thing of it, but my hand looks disproportionately huge compared to the rest of my body.


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