Small things

Last night after the kids finished their dinner, they were in exceptionally good moods and Henry turned to Eleanor and asked if they could hug. So they did. Then Henry said, “Ok, that’s enough hugging for now.” It was all so sweet.

When Henry says “just kidding” he says “just kitten” – it’s the cutest thing, and I’m not ever going to correct him. Eleanor has upgraded to saying “jk!”

Late edit: I just remembered he also says “padawan” for “pattern” – also not going to correct him. 

When they fart or burp, they say they just “tooted for joy” or “burped for joy” – I have no idea why. But they think it’s hilarious.

We also sometimes play this game with them which doesn’t really have a name, but it involves us all lying on the floor and Bob and I telling them ways that they’re lucky, basically (we do this when they’re being excessively bratty). Like, Bob or I might say “You got to go to both DisneyLand and DisneyWorld last year… WAHHHH!” After a few rounds, we’re all laughing and in much, much better moods. The kids like to play, too. But they don’t “get it.” Some past examples:

“I wanted to go the park but the planet exploded! WAHHHH!”

“One day I had to go to school but one day I had to go to school on Sat and Sunday. WAHHH!”

They definitely just think of scenarios they don’t like, not cases where they’re super privileged, but somehow that makes it all the funnier.

Since moving into our new house, they’ve been in such wonderful moods. They’ve been getting outside to play a lot with the neighborhood kids (there are a lot! And everyone is super friendly), and they play all morning with their new nanny. They’ve been sleeping really well (after the first few nights, which were especially hard on Henry), and waking up chipper and ready to play. It’s been great to see them feeling so good.

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