A blurry peek at 31 weeks

The little fella couldn’t stay still long enough to get a crisp image, but that’s perfectly fine. He’s 3lb 13 oz (52nd percentile) and healthy as a horse. A horse that lives in my uterus and insists on kicking and pushing a great deal. He’s positioned himself head-down (at least for now, but he’s felt this way for awhile), just as Henry did around 26 weeks (and never looked back). Sometimes I can feel him stretch out his arms and just hammer on my pelvis while he’s kicking the living bejesus out of my belly. This is all wonderfully typical; I truly underestimated how much a singleton can move around in there.

In the image, his head is to the right, and you can see his nose (moving left) in profile, then his mouth, and he’s got his hand in front of his chin (he then put his paw in his toothless maw).


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