4-y-o Questions

While I worked from home this morning to catch up from my afternoon away yesterday, I fielded these questions from the twins (note, we watched Episode II last night for movie night, and I’m not bothering to include my answers, since I answered while trying to work):

“Mama, how did R2D2 reattach C-3POs head?”

“Mama, what is welding?”

“Mama, what happened to 3PO when he ended up with a Droid body?”

“Mama, will there be 21 movies?”

“Is 3PO gold in Movie 3?”

“How many movies are at a movie theatre?”

“What happens if all the chairs at a movie theatre are stoled?”

“Mama, can dragons shoot water, or just fire?”

“Mama, did you know that dragons and dinosaurs both live next to volcanos?”

“Mama does R2D2 ever run out of gas?”

“Mama why can’t baby dragons fly?”

“Mama, how big will [the baby] be when he is born?”

“Why are baby kangaroos born so tiny?”

“Mama, is my lego guy funny?”

“Mom, guess what I’m holding”

“GET THIS OFF OF ME GET THIS OFF OF ME GET THIS OFF OF ME” (this was a piece of lego, and Eleanor helped Henry figure it out).

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