The children are very into Star Wars right now; specifically, the droids. They’re pretty bonkers for any of the droids. When we play Lego Star Wars on the Wii, they both want to be the gonk droid (UGH) or droidekas, or R2D2. There is usually a fight over who gets to be R2D2 and who has to be R4P19.

Anyway, Henry decided yesterday to make his own R2D2s out of legos (although the one pictured is, technically, R4P19, as it is red, but the blue one is identical). I thought it was the cutest thing ever. He asked me to look at the Lego store and see if they had any R2D2s, and I demured, saying “that’s something you’d earn with good listening and lots of patience” and then I looked it up and the (discontinued) R2D2 set is for ages 16+ and is retailing for $400. So, NOPE. The minifig is like $30. But fortunately, Henry is very happy with his self-made R2 unit, and even took the blue one to school today to show his friends.

I think the “antenna” on the top is my favorite part.

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