The creation

This weekend the children eagerly came to where I was reading and said they had made a creation as a surprise for me and wanted to show it to me. I followed them into my office, where they showed me my desk – very proudly, awaiting my enthusiastic response. I have to admit, it looks better than it did, and those stickers had been from my welcome package more than 3 years ago, so I’m glad they went to good use. And I get to think of my babies whenever I glance to the left.

5 responses to “The creation”

  1. Vanessa and I met working together at a summer school. The kids, to thank us and the rest of the “adult” team, put a thank you note on the chalkboard. A thank you note made from contact paper. I’m not sure where this contact paper comes from or what it is made out of it, but it was literally impossible to get off.

    I think we donated the budget surplus for the trip to the school to replace the chalkboard…

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