A New Way to WordPress.com

We’ve been working on a new project (we codenamed it Calypso) for nearly two years, and it was announced yesterday. It’s a totally re-built (behind the scenes) WordPress.com and desktop app for WordPress.com. If that doesn’t excite you, please read on 🙂

You can download the desktop app here for Mac (Windows and Linux coming soon!) – and it’s not just a wrapper for a web view of WordPress.com. It’s totally free-standing, it’s super fast, and it’s way cool. I’m writing this post from the desktop app!

You’ve seen the work we’ve been doing on the backend in your dashboard (what you see at wordpress.com when you log in), and how you can manage all your sites from one place, as well as manage your credit cards, your billing, your Reader, everything! From one place! Well it’s the same on desktop app and in your browser (oh, and in you mobile app!)

You can read some specific details here in the official announcement. Definitely check it out; it’ll answer questions and show you the real power here – including managing your self-hosted sites from the new WordPress.com (like, updating plugins and publishing posts!) – while also managing your sites hosted here with WordPress.com.

And if the capabilities don’t blow your mind, it’s all open source. We made the code available to anyone who wants to use it. As Matt wrote in his post:

A lot of people thought we should keep this proprietary, but throughout my life I’ve learned that the more you give away, the more you get back.

Read his post, too (here).

Now get back to doing what you do best – publishing amazing content and making the web an awesome place!

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