Family matters

My dad sent me this text today (reproduced with his permission and his correction that it happened on the 13th):
“So I’m at choir practice Tuesday evening practicing for the 100th anniversary dedication of SMOTA (St Mary of the Angels) on September 14th.  Fr Gregg who is directing the practice has to go to a Walsh board meeting and leaves us in charge of one of the young lady Canters.  At a lull in the practice I am looking at the new music with my engineering scrutiny look and she looks over my way and asks if everything is OK.  After she asks twice, looking directly at me, I ask if she is talking to me.  She says yes and added that she thought something might be wrong due to the look on my face.  I told her it was my RBF (Resting Boy Face) and it was just the way I look and she could rest assured that absolutely nothing was wrong.  We all had a good laugh.”

I appreciated that.

Further, my children are recently into collaboration which sounds great but can be a bit awkward as well. When I went to pick up at school today their teacher told me that they both independently confirmed they were going to be big brother/sister to a baby girl. I assured her that no new Rings are in the forge. I went outside and got the kids and their other teacher asked too, at which point Henry kissed my belly and Eleanor stroked it while smiling at it. Again, the Ringlet factory is shutdown. On our drive home Henry explained something really convoluted about how daddies sometimes have babies in their bellies because some families have two daddies. So it’s actually quite possible they will next tell someone Bob is pregnant. Be on the lookout.

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