Up, up, and away

OLEAN, N.Y., (April 14, 2015) – Late in the afternoon yesterday, weather conditions cooperated for the long-anticipated launch of the HenryX Stomper 9 rocket. The homemade rocket was clad in jorts and a hoodie, designed specifically to protect the delicate skin of the vessel, which is prone to sunburn.


The launch was executed by a highly trained team of professionals, who have been laboring for months indoors, hoping for even a brief break in the weather. Although the exact technology behind the rocket and yesterday’s successful launch remained proprietary pending the success of a launch, today HenryX was pleased to release it.

“Basically, you want to stand on a shake-shake bridge as stiff-legged as a baby colt. Then have someone bigger than you jump onto the bridge. You’ll hit the stratosphere.”

An additional feather in the company’s cap was the safe landing of the Stomper 9, which was able to land on a small bridge, on a small playground, in a small park, in a small town, in Western New York.

Officials, thrilled with the results, said a secondary launch of the exploratory Gilly 3 could come at literally any time.

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