Since the babies could walk, I’ve had this overwhelming fear that they will fall down the stairs or off a high place (like the top of the slide) and something very bad will happen. It’s gotten increasingly worse, to where I’m almost out of my mind when they are standing near the stairs at all.

A few weeks ago, within the same week, I heard from two different sources that this was an effect of postpartum depression, which came as something of a surprise. Interestingly, and unfortunately so far, understanding this has not yet proven useful.

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  1. FWIW, I as a dad have had since the very beginning a horrible and paralyzing fear that this will happen with our kids. Like, I have nightmare visions of it while we are out with them.

    I try to trust them with these things and stairs don’t get me anymore (I fell down the stairs more than once as a child, which may explain a few things) but I’m still very nervous with say the second level of a mall.

    Highly doubt my fear is postpartum though.

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    • I have heard from other parents (but just moms) that basically everyone fears their child falling – what you describe is exactly what I feel. Can men not get ppd? I’m not saying you HAVE to have it but I don’t even know if it is a possibility.


      • My solution to this was to pass onto my child my crippling fear of heights. This worked well for me, I highly recommend. The only downside is that playgrounds are much less effective as tools of distraction and amusement

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  2. I constantly have the fear I’m going to trip and accidentally fling the stroller off our 3rd floor walkway, or that the railing will give way and my toddler will fall. I always attributed it to my fear of heights, but it’s interesting to hear it might be a postpartum-related thing.


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