Before Henry had his surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids and have ear tubes put back in, we worried about him. We worried he wouldn’t talk, we worried he was stuck inside his own world. He was hard to reach sometimes, or, a lot of the time. Immediately following his surgery, we were worried still. He was having a tough recovery, and a follow up hearing test wasn’t conclusive. It was a tough time.

Now, however, 3 months later, he is a different boy. He sings songs, he chatters constantly, he can obviously hear words much more clearly (he gets upset and cries “I can’t doooo it” if he stumbles pronouncing words), and he engages much more.

He can also be a little pushy. In a good way 🙂

Edit to add: He’s re-enacting a Thomas the Tank Engine movie where there is a rockslide, so danger signs are put up. Percy and James go past the danger signs and find a dinosaur skeleton. The first thing he talks about is the “wash down” where trains get washed. Sometimes he pretends that one of his cranes is a wash down station. He loves trains.

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